Written By Dr Cate Gerber


This week has brought back to my attention the fact that some of us think that you can only move teeth (Smilefast braces or Invisalign) when you are a teenager.  You may have had pretty straight teeth as a teenager and at the time, the orthodontist said it wasn’t necessary to have braces.  So now, you’re almost 30 (or 40 ,like me) and thinking to yourself ,

I wish I had straight teeth..but now it’s too late!

Enter, Invisalign. A virtually invisible clear braces alternative that can fit into your busy life of meetings, travel, events, sport and kids.

Invisalign involves the latest technology with digital scanning and digital planning to show you the intended position of your teeth (Clincheck) and how long or how many aligners it will take to get your to your perfect smile.  Invisalign Aligners move your teeth gradually but even then it can usually be completed in 6 months or under.

My experience with orthodontics started as an 18 year old Dental student.  Even then I used to think that was “too old” for braces, so I had the process of Lingual brackets, or brackets placed on the inside of my teeth so the world couldn’t see I had braces.  It worked, it took a dedicated orthodontist 2 years and then 20 years later, after the teeth had moved (aka relapsed) I went through a 10 week course of Invisalign myself.   To say it was easy compared to brackets is an understatement.   After an initial adjustment period to feeling that tooth pressure again, it was easy to speak, and no one usually noticed.

If you have any lingering questions or concerns, or just want to find out about the options for moving your teeth, set aside 30 mins have a complimentary consultation with me for a fresh look at your smile.

Here at Smile Studio Newstead, we also offer a complimentary Zoom whitening after your Invisalign treatment is completed.   Because we know, straight teeth look better whiter J