Approximately 25-40% of the population experiences some type of tooth sensitivity at some stage. I have many patients who ask if they can whiten there teeth if they have sensitivity. Once upon a time sensitive teeth meant your tooth whitening options were limited or worse, painful!

Tooth sensitivity from exposed dentine can occur when the hard layer of enamel is worn away from aggressive brushing, erosion, gum recession and root surface exposure.

Teeth whitening involves the use of the bleaching gel, hydrogen peroxide of varying concentrations as determined by your Dentist. This is where is gets important– have a dentist check your teeth and prescribe the appropriate amount of gel and protect certain areas we know will be sensitive.

Bleaching gels today are well buffered which also helps reducing sensitivity. So if you have had whitening years ago “and it hurt” , rest assured things have changed!

Some of us, will always get some temporary sensitivity, I’m one of them and it only lasts a few hours and is tolerable to get than beaming white smile we strive for.
Here at Smile studio Newstead we use Philips Zoom in office and home whitening. I have trusted this brand for over 15 years and used it myself, my staff, family and friends.

It is important to start with perfectly polished teeth- a professional cleaning can remove external staining from your daily life (food, drinks and calcified bacteria)

Teeth that are yellow tend to respond best to whitening. Gray or mottled teeth may not whiten evenly- so again, best to be guided by your Dentist.

Finally, porcelain veneers may be an option for long term, permanent whitening. Especially if you have existing fillings, or are unhappy with the shape and position of your teeth as well.

Best option is come in and have a chat about how we can best help you achieve your snow white smile!