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I grew up being taught that as a member of a health fund I would save money and be given choice to look after my health and that of my family.

I did it – for years paying ever-growing premiums. And then only to discover after ultimately working for a Health fund owned and operated Dental practice that the health funds cared only for their profits and more often than not, wouldn’t cover me for the procedures I expected.

I have been noticing a huge shift with educated, professionals and business people alike cutting their health funds back to hospital only. It makes pure economic sense – a healthy person with well-maintained teeth needs regular professional scale and cleans – which at our practice would cost $450 for two dental cleans and associated examinations per year. Considering health funds can cost $150-$300 per month – this is where the insanity kicks in!!

There is also a new generation of Dental patient- the Afterpay, no credit cards generation who work hard and use their money at their discretion. Under 30s want choice and they will make their own decisions!!

So we want to change with you, and deliver dentistry in a way that keeps you monitored and on track but not beholden to an insurance company. To be told were to go, who to trust and then be treated like a number. It’s not good enough for you or your family.

With this in mind, and looking at examples around the world in areas such as the USA where the health fund model is different yet equally floored as here – we are rolling out the Smile Studio Newstead Squad. 

For a monthly direct debit of $35, over a year your two professional scale and cleans and radiographs and digital monitoring and fluoride applications are completely covered. That’s about $1 per day, not hundreds per month.

It’s also 100% covered, no gap payment for choosing a non-health fund sponsored dental practice.

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We also want to make achieving your dental needs affordable and offer our Squad members 10% off all restorative and general dental fees. As well as a lifetime $500 that can be used towards an area of major dental such as a crown or veneer or Invisalign.

We want you to feel confident your dental health isn’t going to break the bank, and it is an important investment in prevention and maintenance.

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