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Frequently asked questions

I had braces and my teeth have moved… what can I do?2019-06-06T04:54:56+00:00

Relapse is common as Orthodontists over the years have changed their recommendations on retainers or sometimes people forget to wear them!

Often it is the lower front teeth that overlap after 10-15 years and as we get older these teeth are more prominent in our smile.

Invisalign has developed a short course of treatment (i7) which can correct these minor relapses over 7-10 weeks (average) at a fraction of the cost for full orthodontic treatment.  Contact us for a consultation to discuss your individual case.

How often should I visit the Dentist?2019-06-06T01:15:58+00:00

Like snowflakes, we are all unique and the frequency for regular dental visits may change over our lifetime.  After your initial visit and thorough evalutaiton, I can recommend the best time interval for your regular examination and cleaning.  Someone with more risk factors for dental problems is better to see more often and keep a close eye on things. Others can visit once a year if all is being maintained. Ready for a checkup?

When do I bring my kids in for their first visit?2019-06-06T01:25:27+00:00

Good oral hygiene starts at home and tooth brushing can be introduced as soon as teeth start coming through.  As far as sitting in the dental chair, each child is different, and usually around 3 or 4, kids can have a ride in the chair and if they will cooperate, we can check their teeth.  Kids learn by osmosis, so even watching a parent or older sibling have their teeth checked and polished is a good way to normalise a dental visit.

We all know someone with a horror school dental service story, my goal is to have kids enjoy coming, feel safe and comfortable in the dental setting.  I hope all kids leave here wanting to be a Dentist because it’s a fun place to work!

Can I whiten my teeth?2019-06-06T01:26:42+00:00

Tooth whitening in Dental surgery is a safe and effective way to improve your smile.  It will only whiten enamel and for this reason, it is so important to have a consultation with a trained dental professional to ensure whitening is appropriate for you.

Am I too old for braces (or Invisalign)?2019-06-06T01:27:01+00:00

Orthodontic movement of teeth can occur at any age.  It is often a little slower in our adult years, but with improvements in technology – the analysis and placement of brackets or attachments can predict tooth movement and improve outcomes for the patient.