$500-$1000 Off Invisalign Treatment.* T&C’s apply.

NEW PATIENT PROMOTION | $500-$1000 Off Invisalign Treatment.* T&C’s apply.

Myobrace: The Natural Way to a Perfect Smile.

Myobrace is a no-braces orthodontic approach to straightening your teeth and jaw. Experience the difference at Smile Studio Newstead today.

What is Myobrace?

Myobrace is an advanced orthodontic treatment designed to correct jaw alignment and improve breathing patterns by addressing the underlying causes of crooked teeth. Unlike traditional braces, Myobrace uses a series of removable intra-oral appliances to train the tongue and muscles to function correctly, promoting healthy oral habits and aligning teeth naturally over time.

The treatment of Myobrace lasts up to 18 months, where the patient only needs to wear the appliance for 1-2 hours during the day and throughout the night. The consistent wear of Myobrace coupled with prescribed exercises ensures that teeth are effectively straightened without overcrowding. 

Who Requires Myobrace & How Does It Work?

Myobrace treatment involves wearing a series of custom-made appliances for 1-2 hours during the day and overnight while sleeping. These appliances work by:

  1. Correcting Breathing Patterns: Encouraging nose breathing, which is essential for proper facial development and overall health.
  2. Improving Tongue Position: Training the tongue to rest in the correct position, which is crucial for proper dental alignment.
  3. Strengthening Jaw Muscles: Helping to develop stronger jaw muscles for better alignment.
  4. Aligning Teeth: Gently guiding teeth into their correct positions without the need for traditional braces.

What Are The Benefits Of Myobrace Treatment?

What To Expect At Your Appointment

At Smile Studio Newstead, we’re all about transparency and making sure every patient feels comfortable. Here’s what you can expect at your appointment for dental crowns and bridges:


Initial Consultation & Assessment

Simply book an appointment online for a thorough evaluation, including dental impressions, photographs, and X-rays, to diagnose dental and jaw misalignments and determine if Myobrace is suitable for you or your child. Please note: There is a $175 consultation fee for Myobrace. This will be charged at your appointment.


Customised Treatment Plan & Appliance Fitting

Receive a personalised treatment plan based on your assessment, get fitted with your first Myobrace appliance to be worn for 1-2 hours daily and overnight, and attend follow-up appointments every 4-8 weeks to monitor progress and make adjustments.


Habit Correction & Progress Monitoring

Engage in prescribed exercises to correct poor oral habits like mouth breathing and improper tongue posture, consistently wear your Myobrace appliance, and have regular progress checks with adjustments made as needed to ensure successful treatment outcomes.

Who Can Benefit from Myobrace?

Myobrace is suitable for children as young as 5 years old and can also benefit adults who want to improve their dental alignment and oral health. It is particularly effective for those with:

  • Crowded teeth
  • Misaligned jaws
  • Poor oral habits (e.g., thumb sucking, tongue thrusting)
  • Breathing issues (e.g., mouth breathing, snoring)

Begin your smile makeover today with your consultation for just $175.

Includes a 3D Intraoral Scan (Valued at $279)

We use the latest 3D digital scanning technology (no more messy impressions!) and digital photography to establish the options available to move your teeth.

Let's answer some frequently asked questions.

Myobrace or retainers are non-braces approaches and a pre-orthodontic treatment that help straighten teeth. It allows for natural growth and development without using braces or teeth extraction while aligning teeth.

Instead of waiting for adult, misaligned teeth to appear, you can encourage your children to wear Myobrace for straighter teeth, preventing the use of adult braces. Not only can kids benefit from Myobrace, but adults too can use this device to modify teeth defects. We have listed some of the benefits apart from teeth alignment of Myobrace below.

  • Leisurely worn
    • Unlike its counterparts like braces and clear aligners, Myobrace need to be only worn 1-2 hours during the day and all night for it to effectively correct teeth positioning. This, along with doing the prescribed exercises twice every day for a couple of minutes ensures that teeth are aligned without the use of braces.
  • Avoid relapse
    • Even though traditional braces are still the most effective way to straighten teeth, they do not directly address the issue of crooked ones, leading to a higher chance of relapse. However, with the consistent and advised use of Myobrace, one can effectively treat crooked teeth and ensure that aligned teeth stay that way.
  • Future-proofed
    • Myobrace act as preventive care and correct underlying issues before you may experience the need for orthodontic work and avoid braces in the future. With only a few hours of use, you can see permanent results, ensuring that you achieve the perfect dental arch and address poor oral habits that serve as underlying causes for crooked teeth.
  • Treats oral pressure
    • Applying pressure to the lips and the tongue with actions such as finger-sucking, fingernail biting, and even simple incorrect tongue and lip positions can shift the natural positioning of the teeth. With Myobrace, you can improve improper oral habits such as these and drastically improve oral health, jaw growth, and teeth alignment.

The treatment duration depends on several factors including type of treatment and the current state of misalignment. Myobrace in general take about 12-18 months.

One could expect and experience mild pain or discomfort during treatment.

Absolutely! Children above the age of 5 can benefit from orthodontics as they can help treat problems such as overcrowding and overlapping teeth.

Yes, you can continue to play your favorite sports after orthodontic treatment while ensuring that your teeth are safely protected using a mouthguard.

If you have healthy teeth and a regular jaw bone, adults too, can get orthodontic treatment.


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