$500-$1000 Off Invisalign Treatment.* T&C’s apply.

NEW PATIENT PROMOTION | $500-$1000 Off Invisalign Treatment.* T&C’s apply.


Create a healthy bite & straight teeth with Orthodontic treatments at our Newstead, Brisbane Studio.

What Orthodontic treatments do we provide?

Many people remember the days of braces with wires and brackets- and the nightmares of breakages and cleaning issues. Invisalign is the gold standard in clear aligner therapy and has been proven over many thousands of cases to achieve guided tooth movement in a patient friendly way where you can still brush and floss, and interact with the world without any knowing your straightening your teeth


Invisalign are advanced aligners and a superior alternative to metal braces. Just as effective as their counterpart, these aligners are made from durable plastic that sits and molds comfortably around your teeth and aligns them for the perfect bite and smile. 


Also known as trainers, Myobrace are a comfortable and removable oral appliances that treats poor myofunctional habits like mouth breathing, incorrect tongue and lip positions and align teeth without the risk of relapse.


An innovation in orthodontic dentistry, SmileFast is a more improved form of clear aligner treatment. Unlike Invisalign, where you can remove your aligners, this serves as a fixed treatment that you cannot remove until treatment is completed. 

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Our Brisbane Orthodontic Before & Afters

Sarah Hallow | 25 years

*The above photos shows a shallow crossbite correction where the teeth previously pointed inwards causing a small smile and bite complications

Michael Harris | 31 years

*The above photos shows a shallow crossbite correction where the teeth previously pointed inwards causing a small smile and bite complications

Leo Parvani | 28 years

*The above photos shows a shallow crossbite correction where the teeth previously pointed inwards causing a small smile and bite complications

Corey Widow | 29 years

*The above photos shows a shallow crossbite correction where the teeth previously pointed inwards causing a small smile and bite complications

How much do Orthodontic procedures cost?

The cost of orthodontic procedures are dependent on several factors including age, treatment type, insurance, the state of your teeth and treatment required, etc. However, orthodontic procedures can cost anywhere between $1,500 – $9,250 after insurance and $3,000 – $13,000 before insurance.

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We use the latest 3D digital scanning technology (no more messy impressions!) and digital photography to establish the options available to move your teeth. 

Orthodontic FAQ's

Orthodontic density is a broad branch and specialty that deals with the diagnosis, prevention, and correction of dental irregularities like malpositioned teeth and jaws, along with various types of misaligned bite patterns. They also approach problems like overcrowded teeth and protruding jaws.

In addition, orthodontic treatments like braces, clear aligners, and plates are recommended by orthodontists to improve the appearance of your teeth and smile drastically. 

There is a multitude of benefits when it comes to orthodontic treatment. These include overall dental and oral health along with aesthetic improvements such as better smiles and improved confidence. Take a look at some of the benefits listed below.

  • Increased confidence:​
    • While orthodontic treatments can help you with all the things mentioned above, they can also improve your teeth aesthetically. For example, using braces and clear aligners can fix overcrowding and misaligned teeth, giving you a better smile and boosting your confidence.

  • Fixes functionality:
    • Chewing food is easy if you have a good bite with an aligned jaw. This, in turn, leads to better digestion as food can effortlessly be broken down into smaller parts. If you have crowded or misaligned teeth, orthodontic treatments like braces can align your teeth and improve biting, chewing, and digestion.

  • Early detection:
    • Orthodontists are the first to identify signs of oral health deterioration and notice any development issues. With early detection and intervention, orthodontic treatments can save one from potential surgery and complications in the future. Hence, using orthodontic treatments can save you from a lot of pain and expenses.

  • Oral Hygiene:
    • Misaligned and overcrowded teeth often cause bad breath, tooth decay, cavities, plaque, and similar problems. In addition, food particles, bacteria, and other particles may get trapped, making it harder to clean, which leads to decreased oral hygiene. However, you can reach these hard-to-reach areas by correcting misalignments, which improves oral hygiene.

This depends on several things including type of treatment and the current state of misalignment. While traditional braces and Invisalign take about 12-18 months, SmileFest only requires 6-9 months.

Does orthodontic treatment hurt?
One could expect and experience mild pain or discomfort during treatment. However, new innovations such as Invisalign cause little to no pain.

Absolutely! Children above the age of 5 can benefit from orthodontics as they can help treat problems such as overcrowding and overlapping teeth.

Yes, you can continue to play your favorite sports after orthodontic treatment while ensuring that your teeth are safely protected using a mouthguard.

If you have healthy teeth and a regular jaw bone, adults too, can get orthodontic treatment.

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